Your Deals, Our Expertise, Simple Process

Birdsey Capital Partners (“BCP”), OneSource platform provides financing for commercial real estate loans. Once an application is completed online and required documentation uploaded, Birdsey Capital Partners will use its commercial real estate expertise to prescreen and manage qualified loans from application through the underwriting and closing process with its affiliated capital partners.

The solution for today’s real estate market demands is to provide clients with a comprehensive menu of targeted loan structures via an integrated and dedicated financing platform. Creating a direct, high-volume conduit for Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) debt origination will command the best financing structures, the most advantageous pricing, and will cultivate an environment for new and innovative financing programs to meet the growing market demands.

To that end, Birdsey Capital Partners (“BCP”) has developed the OneSource Small Balance Commercial Real Estate (“SBCRE”) underwriting and debt platform. OneSource means a dedicated and direct conduit to an all-inclusive, fully-integrated capital channel and back-office operational team that will support a growing need for small balance commercial real estate lending.

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